Thursday, March 31, 2011

meet my latest, Haley Elizabeth

she is 1 seated 14" , oil painted cloth baby doll. She wears elastic legged and waisted bloomer/panties , a yellow floral print cotton dress, and wool felt hand made jacket and booties , that i have decorated with blanket stitch and needle felted flowers to match her dress print. Her bonet is cotton pale yellow stripes with needle felted floral rose and leaves to match also. Elizabeth haleys hair is a super soft sun dyed yearling wool. She is singed and comes with a description tag. She is available for sale

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  1. Hi Sue! How beautiful your dolls are! I saw a sock doll on another website that I believe you made from a vintage pattern. I have a collection of those patterns saved from childhood, and now that the day is here when I could make a doll, the socks aren't the same. Can you advise me as to the best socks to use?