Sunday, May 31, 2009

preview of latest gourd Im working on

This is the latest gourd I'm working on, actually I started this last year and couldn't finish it due to other orders i had. This is a tall vase gourd, and has lots of painting and relief carving . also a little marble inset at the top of her outstretched hand..i hope to have time to finish this soon!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

some vintage dolls I'm working on ...

Here are a couple of dolls im working on that are from very old patterns, i love the look of the vintage cloth baby dolls and just dolly dolls! i have them dressed in vintage clothes too..they are almost done : ) and then the other picture is of a doll I designed that is printed out on cloth then sewn up , like a lithograph doll, she is then colored in by hand. this one will be available as a kit soon on

Hello! Im finally back : )

I was having trouble getting this pulled together, but I think i finally have it down , a little anyways! I have been working on a large doll order and still have a few orders to do, but i took a break and finished some gourds I have been trying to finish. I finally got them done!